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Book four is more language / technology specific than my previous choices for the library. Programming Microsoft Visual Basic .NET (Core Reference) by Francesco Balena (ISBN 0735613753) is the book to have for a single language reference. While you may branch out into deeper topics later such at ADO.NET or ASP.NET, this is the place to start. This may also be the only book you purchase. From here you could stick to articles or online help, but it really depends on your learning style. Either way, this book is an indispensible reference and learning guide that builds upon the usefulness and success of its earlier edition on Visual Basic 6. (Both editions are included on the CD in electronic format).

The current release covers version 2003, but check carefully before you buy, the version that covers 2002 looks almost identical. Unfortunately, this book is not available on Safari Bookshelf.

(This post is part of an ongoing series to build your technical library.)

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