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One of the most annoying things when setting up a business is paying the outrageous fees for business checks.  When starting out, rather than pay the $150 for the handful of computer printable checks, I had bought software that would create the checks for me.  But if you didn’t know, those little digits at the bottom of a check are magnetically encoded and requires special ink.

Fortunately, my current bank has one of the best bill pay websites, so I have exclusively used it.  But since I recently had to open a new bank account, I went off in search of a cheap alternative for business checks.  A bit wary of some of the printers, I opted for TechChecks and was extremely surprised a few days later when my checks arrived in perfect condition.  (I recommend the diamond prismatic red-blue-green checks.  Beautiful and very professional looking.)

It was perfect timing as well, since I now have to reorder some checks for another account.

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