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This is not a tech related blog posting.

I started out the day regretting all the phone calls I had to make.  Two collection calls and then a call to the state government about a mixup I made.  For some reason when it comes to paying my state withholding tax, I always seem to mess it up.  They have this little form that you are supposed to send in, with the month and year filled in for you.  (Why they don't have a way to file and pay online, is another story for another blog posting)

I seem to always neglect putting the form in or putting the wrong form in.  Needless to say back in November I royally screwed things up.  Being the typical slow government, they didn't notify me until months later.

All this is to say a big thank you to Patty in collections at the Arkansas State Government.  She stuck it out and helped me contact various people so that everything was fixed.  When I asked to talk to her boss so I could give her a little thank you, she responded with "no need, it's my job."  How true, I only wish everyone thought that such good customer service is their job.  What a nicer world it would be if it was.

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