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After reading the January 24th edition of the Redmond Channel Partner newsletter, I was rather dismayed at the magazine's top article titled "Reader Feedback: You Are Preparing for a Recession".  You can read the originating blog post here.  President Bush isn't the smartest man out there, but he knew when he took office the first time, in order to get out of a recession you have to encourage spending.

I keep hearing all this talk about a recession and "preparing" for it.  But frankly I'm quite shocked at how people would rather prepare for dark times than encourage good times.  I'm a huge Chris Farley fan, and in my immature youth I learned something very important from one of his movies, as stupidly funny as it may have been.  Tommy Boy featured Callahan Auto, a business that was experiencing tough times.  But the critical piece of information that I think we should all learn from his movie is that when business is on a downward slide, it's time to expand.

Apply that lesson to our recession, and I think it's a great time for all of our business to expand.  Manpower, materials, and loans will be cheaper, and there's no better time to do it now.

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