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Its been a few weeks since I talked about my Windows Phone project. I bunch of things have happened during this time. I finished my primary requirements and began paper mock-ups of the screens. I say paper, but its really PowerPoint. I have done this technique for Android applications and found it very helpful. I also want to take this time to thank Michael Crump for assisting me with these mock-ups. He has given me some valued advice and my next revision of this mock-up will have additional screens.

Once I get through the next phase of my paper mock-up, I plan to move ahead with building it in Expression Blend and testing it with the emulator. By then I will discuss my project in more detail, including screenshots.

I also spent some time researching a company name. I made the decision that I wanted a company name to represent me on the windows phone market place. After much research and endless migraines, I finally got one and secured my domains for a company website, twitter handle and Facebook page. I will list them at the end of this post. The name of my new company is Mixtio Software.

I took some time tonight creating a logo. Since I don’t have Adobe Illustrator, I used Expression Design 4. It took a little getting use to but I made it work. This logo will change some when I get more time, but the concept is there.

mixtio v3

Of course the gray is really transparent, but I guess my blog doesn’t know that. I will let you come up with an explanation as to what it means.

Mixtio Software Twitter Feed – please follow

Mixtio Software Facebook page – please like

Mixtio Software Website – Not much to see as I haven’t done the page yet, but keep it in mind and I will let you all know through my blog when its done.

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