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This entry is from the RV.NUG March newsletter

You are the U in RV.NUG

Help define the group to be what you want it to be!

The Roanoke Valley .NET User Group recently turned 4. During the last four years, we have seen a lot of change in the users of the group. We have members that have been with the group since the very first meeting, members that joined during the Community Launch of Visual Studio 2005 and members that have joined in the last few months. One thing that has remained constant during the changes is the desire to obtain and share knowledge.

There have also been a lot of changes in .NET since it was first released. With the recent release of Visual Studio 2008, now more than ever, using .NET extends beyond writing Windows or Web applications; SharePoint and VSTO development are examples.

With all the new members and the new technology, we need to check in and see what you, the "U" in the Roanoke Valley .NET User Group would like to receive or contribute to the group.

Receive from YOUR User Group:
  • Contact us by:
    • Talking with any of the officers during a meeting
    • Contacting any of the officers at any time, don't wait for a meeting
  • Tell us:
    • What you liked
    • What you didn't like, but be prepared to tell us what you would like instead
    • When you want to hear more
    • What topics you would like to see presented
    • What you're doing at work
    • Ideas beyond the monthly meetings
Contribute to YOUR User Group:
  • Present
    • During a meeting
    • During the annual -thon event (a 10-15 minute presentation with coaching if you want it)
  • Refer
    • A presenter
    • A sponsor for a meeting
    • A new member - don't forget you'll each get a free raffle ticket
  • Pay your dues - Annual dues are $20 per year, this helps cover costs of food, printing, Code Camps, launch events and more
  • Tell us what you want from the user group
  • Talk to other members of the user group
    • Tell them what you're doing at work and what interests you
    • Ask them what they're doing at work and what interests them
  • Share announcements or information that might interest the group
    • Speak up during the meeting announcements
    • Give the information to any RV.NUG officer
  • Write an article for the newsletter 
    • Tips & tricks you've discovered
    • Book review
    • Thoughts and musings
    • Jokes!
  • Lead an event - this can be anything : study group, lunch series, group project, etc etc
    • We will be there to help and support you!

I see that the contribute list is much longer than the receive list. I think this is because the more you contribute the more you receive. Perhaps that list should be titled "How to receive even more from YOUR user group"!

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