MIX '07 - A 72 Hour Conversation

MIX is Microsoft's Conference for Web Designers.  It is an annual Conference that happens in U.S. and is subsequently held in other subsidaries.  Check my earlier post on IndiMix, last year.

MIX 07 is going to be an exciting event for Web Developers, Designers and Web Business Persons.  It is a fun filled event and guess what, it is happening in the fun filled place, Las Vegas.  The event or rather the 72 Hour conference is from April 30 - May 2nd.

So, whats lined up there for you?                  

If you are a Web Designer, join us and see what are the new capabilities that can be delivered on the web with richness which would have never been imagined of. Explore the possibilites in Design using our new suite of Expression Products and see how Developer - Designers can talk the same language now.

If you are a Web Developers, join us and see the capabilities of AJAX and ASP.NET and how it makes web development life easy and at the same time providing a rich user experience.

If you are a Web Businessman, come and explore the new possibilities of generating revenue and hear to the new business models that have evolved and generating revenue using our latest technologies.

So, MIX 07 is for sure, a worth investment of your time and money and what you get back in turn, is loads of new ideas, business models, revenue generating innovations and thats not all, every attendee gets a Windows Vista Ultimate Edition for FREE !!!

There are also fun filled parties, contests and what not?

Check Visit MIX07 for more information and registration.

Happy MIXing !!!

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here is offical site : http://www.visitmix.com/
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