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I am so stoked I looked at Phil Haack's Blog today. I noticed an article about SubText using Cruise Control for their open source development process. I had never heard of CruiseControl and didnt realize it was open source. I quickly hopped to sourceforge and downloaded the latest source. I noticed from the documentation that CCNet was 2.0 compatable. Within minutes I was fighting with VS 2005 to make it work on 2.0.

I had to first edit the csproj file to force a WAP type conversion and everything was easy from there. I really like how the source is laid out in its various projects and components. The Web Dashboard component can be a huge option in controling your build process in Agile development. It works well with open source projects with dispersed developers and supports most used source control vaults. You have to delve into the documentation to realize the raw power of this.

I plan to not only use this to make weekly builds with rainbow but in all my projects. I also would like to integrate this with rainbow as a module in which clients would then have the option to add a Cruise Control Dashboard to their Rainbow Portal .NET 2.0 framework. I also noticed that membership could be greatly used with developer features such as user actions [ a user to deploy, a user to build, etc]. This will also work well with rainbow's integration with ASPNETDB in our next release. Other things to note where Ajax areas. I deployed MagicAjax in minutes and now have ajax functionality. The best thing about MA, is all I have to do is replace the dll and thats the upgrade as the project matures.

Below is a screen shot of my configuration to manage Rainbow. Take note that Im still a beginner and still compiling my own version of the Server [ oh yes, there is more than just a web dashboard] to manage my local IIS. After that, I can manage the build process of multiple applications across multiple source Vaults. Did I mention I want to integrate this into rainbow??

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