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As I already blogged a while back, native code has been on the lips of many since TechEd 2011. Microsoft seems very committed to actually putting the language to use again after all these years of radio silence. Regarding this I urge you all guys to watch this video interview of Mohsen Agsen about C++ Today and Tomorrow on Channel 9.

What I find very inspiring about this interview is that Microsoft has a number of internal projects where they are using C++ and they really understand the value of C++ as a highly performant programming language. He also talks about combining managed code, scripted code and native code to get the most out of each of them. This is something that we are doing a lot in the game industry, since we recognize the need for performant platform code with an easy to write scripting layer on top of that. This is something I intend to blog about in the near future, so stay tuned!

Another great thing that I bumped into recently is C++ AMP that was announced at this year’s AMD Fusion Developer Summit. I would recommend watching Herb Sutter’s keynote on the subject at

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