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In the afternoon I got to sit in on a few presentations myself and I saw the following:

John Bristowe - WinFx. A good presentation about the upcoming bits in WinFx. Most of this material has been covered here and there over the past year, but it was really nice to see some examples of XAML and WPF in person. It's something that's going to be really cool when it's released.

Owen Rogers and Rob Chartier - Continuous Integration in Cruise Control .NET. Cruise Control is a really awesome open source project that allows users to maintain a real time build and integration environment. If you're running any sort of source control and automated build system you should really check out Cruise Control .NET.

Rory Blyth - .NET Compact Framework. Rory, like always, had a totally entertaining presentation on mobile development. You can find great screencasts of basically this presentation and a whole lot more at TinyThings.


After code camp the presenters and organizers got together for dinner. Erika and I had a fun time and got to meet a whole bunch of new people. We chatted with Graham Jones, John Bristowe, Rory, Owen Rogers and a whole bunch of others. It was good to meet everyone, I hope we can meet up again, maybe some geek dinners are in order in the future.

Oh, and speaking of Graham Jones, here is a good post by Graham on the benefits of attending code camps.

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