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I’m a big fan of command line networking tools, I’ve written a few over the years as well as having things like instant messenger software included in the systems I create.  I wanted to find out a bit more about how IP addressing will work in IPV6 with it’s 128 bit addresses, and more importantly make sure my networking tools will not require much reworking when the day to switch over does come.


This zip file contains two VS2005 solutions, one is an ipv6 client console app, the other is an ipv6 server app :-


It’s basically a “Hello World” type program communicate over port 5999.  You must have ipv6 installed on your machine before the programs will talk to each other, this is simple enough, just go to a dos prompt and type “ipv6 install”.


Ipconfig.exe will then report your ip address in v4 and v6 notation, I use the loopback ipv6 address of “::1” but you can replace this with any ipv6 format ip address, in my case fe80:5445:5245:444f.


So in answer to my question of how much work is involved porting to ipv6, the answer is, not much.  Nice.

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