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With Office 2007 release looming, I thought i'd better check out compatibility with previous versions when it comes to automation.  I've got apps in vb6, and c# that link to Word and Excel.  I remember I had a few coding changes to do between versions 9 (Office 2000) and 10 (Office XP) of the PIA's and also had to apply a registry hack and update references and recompile exes between versions 10 and 11 (Office 2003).  Good news though, all of my software works fine with Office 2007 beta, cool.

Not so cool, have got an annoying web server problem using cdo.message to send multiple e mails, the SMTP server seems to be ok, it also works ok when I switch it to use IIS’s SMTP service.  I’m going to head over to for some answers.

I’m also needing to check out these ajax word processors that are springing up all over the place with a view to giving users the choice of moving my app off the desktop and on to the web.  There are lots of them appearing every day, Google are rumoured to have an entire web based office suite coming soon, mind you the same web sites I’m reading that on said that they were to release a google web browser.. vapourware.  Another interesting point will be whether to use php or for my surrounding app, given that the ajax office suites are made by companies competing with Microsoft rather than partnering with them… to be continued.

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