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Remember this?

Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition

For those of you who do, you may recall how everyone figured that Microsoft would squash every other software company and there would be No Other Software But Microsoft.

This was the type of attitude that helped create the Open Source Software (OSS) movement -- kind of like Flower Power for computers.  OSS seemed great until the big boys saw money to be made, and have been elbowing in ever since.  The Anybody But Microsoft (ABM) people run as a subset to the OSS group.  They want nothing better than to see Microsoft squashed like a bug.

Unfortunately for all concerned, market forces kept everyone unfulfilled -- sort of like a type of computerus interruptus.  OSS really cannot succeed in their World Domination (WD) plans without the big boys (IBM, Sun, Google, etc.), but the big boys cannot seem to get their collective acts together.  People still want that pesky Microsoft software.

The ABM types are drooling over the Sun/Google axis “killing” Microsoft.  There is little chance of that, but the dreaming is fun.  The reason there is little chance of success is that computers are now commodities, and it is hard to kill off an established commodity.  No one company will achieve WD.

Six years ago, Microsoft was not quite as mature as they seem now.  BillG was much more in control then and the testosterone level was much higher.  Microsoft continues to push innovation to make its products seem fresh, when in fact all PC software has not evolved significantly in the last decade.  The Internet has added new classes of programs, but you are just doing old things in a new way.  Someone needs to think about what software will be in 10-15 years, and ask the questions about what do they need to do now to be there then.  I see those questions being asked in very few companies, and certainly not in the computer press.  When people speak of death and WD, I get the idea that they are likely clueless and have no strategy.  BTW, a catchphrase like “Microsoft Everywhere“ is not a strategy, it is marketing.

I rarely pontificate like this (except concerning stupid weatherdudes), but the computer press continues its stupid, breathless comparisons of how the latest alliance will “kill” another company.  Save us.  You will not get such a response in a commodity industry.  Companies are fighting for tiny slices of market share.  The probability of one of the big guys going out of business is basically nil.  Forget about the dreams and get over it.

Disclaimer: I have been an MSDN subscriber since the P1 version.  I have been a Universal subscriber since it came out.  I casually develop (see the subtitle above) and sell software for Microsoft operating systems.  I find anyone as strident as the ABM crowd humorous and worthy of being ignored.  This particular rant was sparked by a coworker -- it's his fault.

Posted on Friday, October 7, 2005 11:56 AM The Stump , & Etc. | Back to top

Comments on this post: Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition

# The BillG Empire
Requesting Gravatar...
In it's never-ending quest for total control of the universe and the ruin of all things internet, Microsoft is (again) trying to buy Yahoo!. There is good reason that the partnership would be good for both companies in the struggle...
Left by on May 07, 2007 2:00 PM

# Their software sucks
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Microsoft software sucks. Maybe if they spent as much time developing their products instead of writing about how linux is insecure and dangerous, and counting money from their latest cash cow we might see some good software from them. I disagree with the whole 'lock-in' approach to marketing, with everyone using proprietary formats we have to purchase Office just to open them.
I use linux and have absolutely no plans to sacrifice Ubuntu in order to install this. Windows has more security holes than a sieve......
Left by Luke Carrier on Nov 17, 2007 3:44 AM

# re: Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition
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Microsoft software doesn't suck. Theres better things out there in some instances, but take the MS Office suite for example. I am yet to see a suite of software that does what office does as well as it does!
Left by Daniel Harris on Apr 12, 2008 6:52 AM

# re: Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition
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Linux , yes there are some softwares worser but it s much expensive :)

take for exemple Ms Office , it does really well what he is make for ... Virus camp

what i'm trying to say is that linux offers good quality and high security, when Windows is the opposite...low quality and a build-in highway for virusses.

and did you ever noticed, EVERYTIME a new Windows system gets presented with Bill Gate, it crashes!

btw, linux has got over 500 versions, while Windows actually only has 6-7 versions (most versions are the same, just with different functions)

Linux is Open Source, that means that you get the source like a cake receipt, so you can change whatever you want, and add things...

for windows, you need to spend $500, while linux is FREE

so: windows=$500+bad quality and many virusses, linux=FREE+high quality, able to personalyse and NONE VIRUS WITHOUT ANTIVIRUS

hope i've changed your mind, people!
Left by Brothers Liu on Jun 22, 2008 1:48 PM

# re: Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition
Requesting Gravatar...
Luke Carrier is right, Microsoft softwares our days are crap.

If you look back 10 years ago Microsoft were the best in the buisness, now they are letting themselves down.

Left by Penny Blackman on Jul 25, 2008 7:27 AM

# re: Microsoft World Domination - Total Control Edition
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Bah, Linux DOES have (843) viruses but most are harmless do to the lightspeed kernel upgrades. Debian is still vulnerable to the 1st Linux virus made as of now(It's named Bliss)
Left by N64fan on Mar 20, 2011 8:21 PM

# Fuck Linux and Mac Fags!
Requesting Gravatar...
Windows is the Worlds Best OS!!! You need to be freaking rocket scientist to understand how Linux works nearly none of the software is developed for Linux i can't play my games on linux as well, same goes to apple shit overpriced and totally useless. If all software is developed for Windows what the fuck do i need Linux and OSX for anyway? Plus they suck with the lousy desiggn and shitty processing speed if you want speed get Win 7 if you want stability and features get XP. Fuck all other faggots that use obsolete os. They still live in 1963 and don't know that you need far more than just a calculator nowadays.
Left by Mike on Sep 02, 2011 2:35 PM

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