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.NET Hobbyist Programmer Staying Confused in a Busy World July 2004 Entries
9/11 Commission Report: A Suggested Guide
I have read about a hundred pages or so of the report so far. This is required reading for everyone. It is 585 pages with very few pictures and diagrams, but it is a very good read. There are a few do's and don'ts to pay attention to, however. DO Read the full report including the footnotes Learn Make your own decisions and interpretations DO NOT Rely on the opinions, interpretations or summarizations of the report by politicians, reporters or pundits Read only press reports and summaries Read only ......

Posted On Thursday, July 22, 2004 5:12 PM

Nautical Terminology: Topside Animals
I got an email a week or so ago asking for a list of items that was frequently used to build familiarity with equipment on a ship during Enlisted Surface Warfare Specialist (ESWS) qualification. The intent was for the candidate to learn both nautical terminology as well as the equipment. The list usually took the form of “topside animals“ or “animals on the bow.“ People generally had to list and explain 10 or 15 items. It has been a long time since I saw the full list, so ......

Posted On Wednesday, July 14, 2004 8:23 PM

In my last entry, I referred to but did not give the prices and sources of the parts for the RAID project. One disclaimer is that these are final prices and generally do not include either shipping or taxes. If I had looked a little longer, I probably could have shaved a little more off the prices. The enclosure kit is available cheaper at several places, but not in black. Total cost falls to less than $1000 if we do not buy a spare drive. I was really tempted to go with the 250MB drives in order ......

Posted On Monday, July 12, 2004 8:42 PM

SOHO RAID to the Rescue
It always seems that disk drives fail at the most inopportune time. Of course, there never really is a good time. This failure has kept me too busy recently with the recovery process. I had backups, but they were elderly, so the disk is off for a clean room recovery process. What is especially irritating is that the failed disk is a nearly new Western Digital Caviar 160GB EIDE hard drive. It was manufactured September 30, 2003, installed in our SOHO server in late November 2003, and failed last week. ......

Posted On Monday, July 12, 2004 3:47 PM

Plotting Graphs for Free
As I stated in an earlier post, I have been working on the EDR to get a fuse curve plotting program working. Between that and real life travel, illness, and work around the house, June was a very thin blogging month. Now that all that is past, I can work on other things, such as this blog. One of the interesting tools I used to get the EDR plotting requirement done is a program called DPlot. While the program itself is worthy of consideration, it has a free sibling called DPlot Jr. For the programmer, ......

Posted On Sunday, July 4, 2004 6:20 AM

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