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I felt with the amount of time I've had this, I should actually make use of this blog.

My name's Max. I live around Philly and I write and C# at a non-consumer-oriented software shop around King of Prussia. I live and breathe database queries and web apps while I'm at work and I produce electronic music when I'm outside of work. In addition to coding, I'm gonna talk a bit about digital music in the computer age here. You know, the good stuff. Making things make sound that shouldn't and the like.

My other geek qualifications? At home I'm a mac user, though I run linux in a virtual machine and also have a windows server in my living room (mostly serving airfoil music.) I play WoW. A lot. That, and I like blogging. Which is why I'm posting here.

Musically I muck around with a large degree of equipment - I'm primarily a DJ so live-performance oriented kit talk is what I'll be covering mostly. Not to mention things like latency through midi and playing with different degrees of analog and digital kit to build an ideal right. Mainly in Ableton Live though I also use Torq.

Anyway, all this introduction leads up to my first thought on this community:

Has anyone noticed that Team Foundation Server generally results in much lower productivity on large-scale development projects? Its ability to prevent unwanted file movements and appropriately manage source checkouts has seemed somewhat lacking since I started using it here, and though I'm not entirely sure it seems as if the file versions I have locally are associated with my machine and kept track of on the server... and that seems plain silly.

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