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So I have extra batteries on hand. Ready for the love of Silverlight2. Getting Video and  trying to encode as fast as I can for the streaming. Woooh! Mix08. See the twitter feed for instant updates.


Ray Ozzie Main points in keynote:Content, Commerce, Community.

Making cracks about the yahoo purchase or working on purchase. IMAGE_00069




  • Zune, PC, Xbox360 working better together.
  • Xbox360 might finally get a the web?
  • Microsoft going google docs with word excel and such
  • Office Live put into beta.
  • Everything connected(Mashed up if you will)

SQL server data services.

Connected development.

Internet and the love.

Silverlight to be what Java should have been using code(c# or vb) to interact with sweet front end true database and middletier(not middle Earth).

Scott gu:

IE8 Dean Hachamovitch

Download IE8

IMAGE_00073 IMAGE_00074 IMAGE_00075 IMAGE_00076 IMAGE_00077


Silverlight2 updates

Beta 1 is free

Streaming media is a extra in the windows 2008 server.

Bit-rate throttling for any video type.

web playlist <---very cool

IIS7 media pack

50 to 60 percent of bandwidth cost saved

Windows media services and IIS7 media pack.

Business Opportunities


Download now

  • Multi-Language Support
  • WPF UI Framework
  • Robust Networking
  • Integrated Data support(Linq, Cache data on client)
  • High Performance
  • Small download, Fast Install
  • Linux Support

  Lots of controls:

  • Button
  • Calander
  • Datagrid
  • ListView
  • Textbox
  • All open source
  • Testing Framework for unit testing all open source.


Skin the controls (css and themes) control template.

Visual Studio support create new Silverlight applications

Full intellisense support and debugger and remote debug mac

Style in expression blend and or Visual studio. Download Now

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