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My registration just came through for the WP7 Marketplace. Took several days and because of some weird system glitch, I had gotten an instantaneous form rejection email when I first submitted and my status was set to “suspended” instead of “pending” or something of the sort. But a quick email confirmed that everything was fine and that if things on my end were still processing along (they were) then just to disregard it and they were sorry for the weird glitch. I’m about half way through my first game for the marketplace currently. I’m hoping to have two games and at least one app ready for launch. The games should be simple enough since I know what I’m doing in XNA and the games are easy yet fun, but both ideas I have for apps so far are “not easy” (according to my brain) and will take quite a bit of work to really do properly. I’d much rather do them properly from the get-go than just push something out so we’ll see. Things’ll be very busy for me for the next few months, that’s for sure.

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