June 2012 Entries
Code Samples for DC DNUG Presentation

Thanks to everyone who attended my Web API presentation this Tuesday at DC DNUG. The code samples and PowerPoint can be found here:

This includes “before” and “after” snapshots of the code including all snippets that were used during the course of the presentation.

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Web API Presentation at DC DNUG

This Tuesday (July 19), I’ll be presenting the ASP.NET Web API at the DC DotNet Users Group.


Modern web applications have seen an explosion in Web API creation. Twitter, Facebook, Google, Azure, you name it – it is becoming essential to provide a Web API so that consumers can build applications and mashups on top of your services. Web 2.0 has shown a trend away from SOAP towards a REST architecture style. With the new ASP.NET Web API, Microsoft is now providing first-class support for HTTP services including tools to apply the richness of a REST architectural style. This demo heavy presentation will show how the new ASP.NET Web API will enable you to build rich HTTP services in a REST architectural style while leveraging custom media types, custom HTTP handlers, jQuery and more! The presentation will also cover new features of MVC 4 including Razor enhancements, Web Optimizations, and more.

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Presentation at Richmond .NET User Group

Thanks to everyone who attended my presentation last night on KnockoutJS at the Richmond .NET User group. Code samples can be found here.

Posted On Friday, June 8, 2012 5:33 PM | Comments (0)

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