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Continuing the series, this article will discuss how to test processes which are developed in BizTalk.  For the sake of clarity by a process I mean an end to end implementation of a use case in BizTalk.  This process may include messaging or orchestration elements and a number of ports, possible rules or BAM elements which will combine to implement the process.

Im going to try to keep this post quite short as there is plenty of guidance on this area, but there are a few things I do want to say.

This kind of testing should be automated with BizUnit and not done manually

Rather than doing a BizUnit 101 style post id just like to point to a couple of resources that will help you get started with BizUnit and then in the future I will probably do some posts about custom BizUnit steps or how to test some interesting scenarios.

Some useful resources are as follows:

BizUnit @ CodePlex -

This is the home of the BizUnit framework


BizUnit Extensions -

This project contains additional steps to plug into BizUnit


BizTalk Orchestration Profiler -

This tool can be used to obtain test coverage statistics for orchestrations


BizUnit Designer -

This is a GUI to help you develop BizUnit tests


Also some of my previous posts in this area which you might find useful:

Dynamic WCF BizUnit Step:

Integrating the Orchestration Profiler into your build process:

Generating the C# to call BizUnit Steps:

Resuing your BizUnit Tests from LoadGen:


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