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As I mentioned in a previous post, I got me a new machine - it is working fine.

Being a new windows 2003 machine, It downloaded some windows updates that the service thought are good for me. There where quite a few in the list, I just went ahead and installed, I didn't follow the process since in the past I have had good experience with everything just working...

The update finished, and the machine requested to restart, which is anoying but understandable... minus the nagging (see here how to avoid that)

When the machine restarted, it again showed the update icon - and asked me to update again - the list seemed long, but I thought there were less items, so I did it again (and again). By this time I figured something was wrong - so I went to the "Custom" option, and tried installing the less frightening ones first - These successfuly installed with no request for restart, then the next and the one after (working from bottom to top). All installed successfully and only the last one required restart.... It seems that there was some prior requirement for this patch to succeed, and that the update service did not run the updates in the correct order...

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