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My current rant... Skip if you're not interested in hearing me whine...

I just moved to the new machine, it took some time to set up but seems to have been worth it. I already saved the time instead of waiting for the previous machine to un-hang...

Anyway, I opened MS Outlook, and was greeted by this dialog asking me (and encouraging me) to join the MCEIP, and the recommended option is to join. Why is it recommended? I couldn't figure it out, so I went and read the information provided by MS, and it says many things “It isn't recording personal information” “It isn't spyware” (when you open your information to someone he isn't spying, he has gained authorized access...., “You can't see the information you are sending - trust us! we are part of this and that alliance” “We will not spam you” (as if this isn't a sort of spam)...

I looked and I looked and couldn't find a reason why to donate my computer resources for the benefit of Microsoft. You want user data? pay some users to give it. You want user feedback? ask for feedback.

When google tries the same trick, it at least offers some “advanced features” that will be enabled only if you agree... In this case we are talking about software that cost the user (or the company he works for - in this case) quite a lot of money. You got to give some benefit for the choice.

Anyway - I said no.

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