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I'm sure this is all over the place by now - I'm probably not saying anything new here - but I just have to say it.

My Information Dream App has arrived. This is not to say that it is my perfect dream app yet - I need much more than what is there already but still this is the way to start.

Consider. The Browser is the main information gateway today - meaning that almost all the information I aquire is displayed there - the ability to easily save that information to my personal storage, and have it organized my way (not saying my way is that good :-)) and searchable. Any thing that you can cut and paste - you can put it there... + the floating notebook icon is cool!

There seem to be some limitations though, first, and this is not surprising, it seems like images and such are not stored in the notebook itself but on the original site - if that site goes, or is down - I lose some of my content... Saving pics on the server is a must for me - I can live without video and audio.

Now all they need to do, is fix that image storage thing, add tagging/labeling, add export functionality (so I can have this on my machine), add integration to google toolbar (note this! button), google desktop, google bookmarks, search history, calendar, email a note or notebook content to my friend (or send them a link to a notebook item), and the list goes on... I'm sure the google engineers are working on it as we speak.


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