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Inconclusive / ignored tests converted from NUnit to MSTest correctly
This article describes how to integrate NUnit tests into the TFS build. It also supplies a link to a XSLT file for the conversion between the NUnit results to an MSTest format. The result is great; in the details of the Build Explorer you will see the number of Passed, Failed and Other Result tests. However, when you click the results you will see that any 'Other Result' tests (tests with for instance the IgnoreAttribute) will show up as 'Failed' tests. Also the Quality Indicators graph will show ......

Posted On Thursday, November 5, 2009 10:02 AM

Beware of MSBuild warnings about missing projects in a solution
Beware of a warning that may occur during a Team Build that indicates that a dependent project is missing in a solution. Note that the warning will not appear in the ErrorsAndWarnings.txt because that only reports the errors and warnings from compilation itself and not those specific to MSBuild. The warning found in BuildLog.txt is: SomeSolution.sln : Solution file warning MSB4051: Project {A88..DB} is referencing a project with GUID {756..6AA}, but a project with this GUID was not found in the .SLN ......

Posted On Tuesday, November 3, 2009 4:31 PM

Diagnosing TFS builds
Build fails from some strange reason or build does not perform the things you expect it to do, what to do? Every team build in the TeamBuildTypes folder contains a TFSBuild.rsp file, perform a check out and add the following command argument to it: /v:diag Check the file in and run the build; beware that the log size increases dramatically. The build log contains very detailed information, even the contents of all variables used in the build ......

Posted On Friday, October 30, 2009 3:10 PM

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