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First I downloaded Statlght and copied the binaries here: C:\Program Files\StatLight.v1.3, I tests that Statlight is working fine on the build machine and then I added a new step in my build in order to run the tests

There is quite a lot of stuff on creating the TeamCity step, but every single post I found was missing some double quotes here and there :) so this might be saving you some time.

Here is the configuration that is working for me:

( Build Step 1 compiles and builds the project)

Build Step 2 : Command line

Runner type: Command Line

Working Directory : empty

Run: Executable with parametres

Command executable: "C:\Program Files\StatLight.v1.3\StatLight.exe"

Command parameters : -x="C:\Source\trunk\<SolutionName><ProjectName>.Tests\Bin\Release\<projectName>.Tests.xap" --teamcity

Report type: Do not process

The output of this step in the project settings page is as it follow:

Step 2: Command Line (Simple command execution)
Working directory: same as checkout directory
Command executable: "C:\Program Files\StatLight.v1.3\StatLight.exe"
Command parameters: -x="C:\Source\trunk\<SolutionName><ProjectName>.Tests\Bin\Release\<projectName>.Tests.xap" --teamcity
XML report processing: disabled


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