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My excuses for not blogging in awhile
Has it really been almost a month since my last post?  Time really flies with work keeping me quite busy, along with preparations for the Desert Code Camp, which is now only 3 weeks away.  Big thanks to the all 50 people who have signed up to present sessions.  We have 350 registered attendees, and it looks like we could reach our goal of 600 by the time of the camp.  If you are from the Phoenix area then please sign up and join us on May 6th!

More fun than cow tipping, even if the creature never falls

Long has the military driven technological advances across many fronts.  Development in the areas of transportation, energy, and definitely computers are all hastened from its influence.  And it appears that now military demand is giving robotics a healthy shot in the arm with projects like the autonomous driving machines developed for the recent DARPA Grand Challenge.  Another recent advancement is also quite impressive.  Just check out this video:

Boston Dynamics has created a versatile (albeit loud) robotic quadraped that carries up to 120 pounds across nearly any type of terrain.  Makes me wonder how far off biped robots can really be.

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