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I’ve been absent from blogging for awhile. Part of it is due to the ultimate inertia of my life. Most of it is due to my inability to post my thoughts without turning it into an ‘According to Hoyle’ blog post. I have an idea, and I try to flesh it into an interesting article. Something that you might see posted in a magazine or something. It never lives up to my standards and I end up dropping it. How did I get to this? I started this blog for the intended purpose of archiving my ideas and solutions so that I could find them again. Me. I realize that maybe some people read this blog, but I am NOT a celebrity or God’s gift to programming. So why am I worried about making my posts ‘worthy of public consumption’?

Well, no more. If you are a reader of this blog, I thank you. But my content may change dramatically over the coming months, so be prepared. Hopefully you will still find my thoughts, ideas and solutions worth reading.

Thanks again,


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