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I am a firm believer in learning best practices. I enjoy reading and studying SOLID and how to spot violations in the wild. I whole-heartedly concur with Separation of Concerns, Behavior-Driven development, lean software development and a hundred other things that have really cool buzz-wordy names and make me sound really smart. All these things only serve to enhance one binding truth about software development: it a thinking exercise.

You can master every GoF pattern, and be the master of every OR/M. You can spend endless nights studying OOP/OOD principles and make flash cards for recognizing SOLID violations. But if you are merely relying on your ability to recall these things while coding, you will misuse, misrepresent and munge everything up. These are all merely connectors for that big tool between your ears.

So if you think you can write software by simply following the advice of books and principles, think again.


Posted on Friday, November 19, 2010 1:27 AM | Back to top

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