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Laurent Bugnion (GalaSoft) Diary of a Code Trotter
One of the most exciting feature I learned about in the WPF course two weeks ago was that you can bind an ObservableCollection's content to just any type of Panel, by using an ItemsControl and the ItemsPanelTemplate property.
In order to check if I had understood the technique properly, I made a small working example. It actually worked out pretty well, so well in fact that I decided to publish it, hoping that it can help someone out there.
I am walking you through that example here. I published it as an XBAP (open in IE, with .NET 3.0 installed). Also, the source files can be found here: XAML, code behind, dependency object. Finally, the whole project can be downloaded here.
ItemsControl example with ObservableCollection
Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2007 11:42 PM Technical stuff , .NET , WPF , Website | Back to top

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