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I'm currently working as an Technical Consultant on a Windows Mobile 5.0 project.

My goal is to set up an evironment with around the 100 mobile devices that can connect to exchange and some other applications.
I started on this project early in february and it should have been finished early april.
But right now i already know we won't finish in time, this is due to several factors which cause from short to quite long delays. Ofcourse all to the perspective of the project.

So now i'm working with the mobile 5.0 platform for a while but this was the first project where there was an enterprise deployment need. We want to deliver an environment where the setup and support is easy.
in my past experience i've seen lots of implementations of pda just by installing each device for each user by hand.
and since the PDA keeps getting more functions these days there is much more need to have these devices under management.
During the whole project i found out that even though the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform is on the market for more than half a year. It is just starting to take off since a month or so, you see that a lot of software you would like to have in an enterprise environment is still not available or not mobile 5.0 compatible.
And this also concerns Microsoft's own software. Don't understand me wrong, I'm an consultant on the microsoft products and earn my money with their products, but it was quite a dissapointment to see that the enterprise management is not available at all for the mobile 5.0 platform.

When i think about a microsoft product and how to incorporate it into the network. i always prefer to work with the microsoft solutions. Only in the case of a need that can't be fulfilled then i would take a third party solution.
But if you wanted to deploy the Windows Mobile 5.0 platform in the past few months, you couldn't do much more than choose one of the very few third party solutions. or be one of the lucky few that could become a tap for one of the microsoft management products for mobile 5.0

Due to the availability of the software from not only microsoft but also virusscanner vendors etc. it already set us back 1 month in the project schedule.

I know not everyone thinks the way i do, but i see these devices as small laptops, I think you should also treat them the same way when looking at corporate security policies. Nowadays people store so much info on these devices, and this will only become more and more.

So how should you set up an evironment where you want to accomplish these goals:
- Create a manageable environment for Windows Mobile 5.0
- Protect these devices from becomeing compromised in the event of loss or theft.
- Keep the device low level for the user and easy to handle
- Provide up to date info on the device
- deploy software to the devices

All these choices i will discuss in a separate entry


So to give you an outline of what we will be doing in the next month:
- we will try to get our hands on SMS DMFP v2 which will be released end march/begin april.
- we will evaluate the SMS DMFP v2 and start our basic tests of the devices managed by SMS.
- Define our corporate Password policy for the Windows Mobile devices.
- Deploy software using SMS DMFP v2 to the devices
- setup an secured network to enable users to synchronize their pda over infrared access points.

i will continue soon in a new post.

If anyone has any comments or ideas I would love to hear them, if you want info just drop me an email or post a comment and I will get in touch with you.

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