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Today i had quite a long discussion with a customer about security of their network.
There was one person that wanted the focus on securing the network, to move from securing the outside to securing the core of the network.

He meant with this that you need to secure the desktops computers, file/application servers to the maximum.
If that has been done, you won't need any additional protection.

So if this is true and i follow him in this for the most part, I still have one big issue. How do you deal with the information that is on these systems. If a person wants to take some documents to take home, how do you want to protect these? ofcourse DRM could solve a bit in this, though it will be quite hard to deploy. I think DRM will result in being same as saying that a user can't take documents out of the network unless it is on a company device.

The person with whom i discussed this, he was totaly against preventing a user in using their own devices, like say an pda or own USB memory stick. He wants to give them this abbility, so they can perform optimal.

My idea is keep your network secure, and prevent data to go outside your network.
but this will not go together with taking data home and putting it on a non managed system.

I still do not understand why a user needs to use their own hardware to do something, while if they ask their manager to get one of these devices'they wont get it.
If their manager doesn't want them to have this hardware why should the company then support hardware which is not theirs?

I'm wondering if there are people that want to share their thoughts on this issue.

Posted on Monday, March 6, 2006 11:00 AM | Back to top

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