Why won’t my rule work in SharePoint 2010 Content Organizer?


Quick tip: if you are having problems with rules in the new Content Organizer Feature of SharePoint 2010, double check that the Content Type your rule is using is based on a Document Content Type.

I discovered this when a co-worker was setting up a demo with the Content Organizer.  He had selected a Content Type at random and configured his rule.  SharePoint allowed him to do this but when documents were added to the drop box library, the rules wouldn’t be applied.

So, I set up a demo on my SharePoint server and it worked fine.  Finally, after combing through the rules on both servers, we were able to figure out that the content types had to be document content types.  I found some confirmation of this on the web, in particular here, although that post says that the non document content types won’t be listed.  That wasn’t our experience.

I also found this post, but that author thinks that the rules not running were due to having the Document ID Feature not activated.  My rules worked without this feature activated.

If anyone has further information about this, please leave a comment.

Print | posted @ Monday, November 22, 2010 10:33 AM