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I am trying to get the Ajax.NET library working against DotNetNuke. If you have had any luck in doing this, please share your experience. It seems that as of right now, DNN is not very conducive to working properly with the library. I think this may take a little work(around) ;-).

On another note, this blog post was of interest to me. The author of Ajax.NET has posted that his project is now open source. If you go to the project site for this library you will see that in fact there is no source to be had. Now, let me first say hats off to Michael for building a great component and providing it for free to the public. Where the crux lies, I believe, is that in his post concerning the transition to open source he states

"Update: Now, the project is running at I am uploading files and then... you will be able to see the source code."

You will notice there are about 80 comments to his posting and several of them are irate that he has not posted the source and has instead only posted the assembly for use; along with sample code and documentation. What I believe is occurring is that he will in fact post the source code but is presently working to clean it up and ensure that things that may have been written inefficiently are "corrected" for when the source gets released to the wolves and they (the development public) start to tear it apart line by line (limb by limb). Give the guy a break and give him a chance to make his wonderful project pretty before he post it for the world to see. And Michael, if you are reading this, you might just want to post an update of where that is at. You have a big following for a great library and now you are on the hook to deliver ;-) Good luck my friend!

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I am very interested in getting a good implementation of AJAX working with DotNetNuke. Do you have a link to Michael's AJAX component? The one I am considering using is at
Left by Dharmesh Shah on Aug 30, 2005 7:28 PM

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