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[Originally posted on 5th July 2006]

One of the communication protocols not present in .NET Framework class libraries is Bluetooth. So today, I started to work on my implementation of a managed API for Bluetooth programming - WinToolZone.Bluetooth. I am authoring it using Managed C++ and leveraging the Microsoft Bluetooth stack APIs.

I just completed implementing the support for enumerating the Bluetooth radios on a machine. Below is a C# program that exemplifies how they can be enumerated:

   1:  using System;
   2:  using System.Collections.Generic;
   3:  using System.Text;
   4:  using WinToolZone;
   6:  namespace BTHCSClient
   7:  {
   8:      class Program
   9:      {
  10:          static void Main(string[] args)
  11:          {
  12:              Bluetooth bth = new Bluetooth();
  13:              if (bth.RefreshRadios())
  14:              {
  15:                  foreach (BluetoothRadio radio in bth.Radios)
  16:                  {
  17:                      Console.WriteLine("RadioName: {0}", radio.Name);
  18:                      Console.WriteLine("Address: {0}", radio.Address.ToString());
  19:                      Console.WriteLine("ManuID: {0}", radio.ManufacturerID);
  20:                      Console.WriteLine("LMPSubversion: {0}", radio.LMPSubversion);
  21:                      Console.WriteLine("DeviceClass: {0}", radio.DeviceClass);
  22:                  }
  23:              }
  24:              else
  25:              {
  26:                  Console.WriteLine("Unable to enumerate BTH radios");
  27:              }
  28:          }
  29:      }
  30:  }
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