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When you have the Schemas/Orchestration published as WCF Service, specifically during the development updating the metadata using the WCF Service publishing Wizard is a tedious task. Once the Service names and request-response of the service operations are finalized, you can use the Command line version of the BizTalk WCF Service publishing metadata for the updated schemas. The command line tool can be downloaded from


BtsWcfServicePublishing PathName

BtsWcfServicePublishing.exe OrderServicePublishing.xml -MetadataOnly -MetadataReceiveLocationName:Contoso.Request.wcf.NetNamedPipe -TargetNamespace:"" -Location:"http://localhost/BizTalkWcfService" -Overwrite -Anonymous

The XML for the WCF service publishing can be pulled either from the WCF Service Summary screen of the publishing wizard or the metadata location something like C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\BizTalkWcfService\App_Data\Temp\WcfServiceDescription.xml where you published the service


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