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OgreDotNet was recently pointed out to me by a friend and co-worker. I don't know have I missed it in the past, but I see it's there now which is the important part :). With the lack of mature, open-source 3d graphics engines for managed code out there right now*, I'm glad to see this come to fruition.

Since Ogre3d is already object-oriented, you can't tell from the code of OgreDotNet that it is simply a set of bindings down into the C++ libraries of Ogre3d :). Not only that, but it appears the forum is fairly active and alive (and that's the OgreDotNet forum I'm talking about (since the regular ol' Ogre forum is _very_ much alive)).

In the future (aka after I finish Spaceballs and perhaps another game or two), I will probably end up using this for my first 3d game I do (and possibly all the other 3d games I do after that). I really want to just break down and start playing around with it now, but I'm sure my competition in this contest would like for me to do exactly that. SOOOO, perhaps once Spaceballs is finished I can start playing around OgreDotNet.

Until then, make sure you check it out :).

* Axiom priorly being sucked up into RealmForge (I know the source forge project has started up again, but it _just_ started up again seriously, in my opinion), RealmForge now being "deprecated" of sorts, and the other options like Irrlicht.NET and Haddd not being as mature and supported as Ogre (again, just my opinion)

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