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Not much functionality change tonight. Nope, tonight was mostly bug squashing night.

The first bug I squashed was around spawn point generation. Sometimes, a spawn point would be generated that would cause a Spaceball to be spawned within a wall. This was due to the spawn point generation algorithm not taking into account the size of the entity is was generating a spawn point for. That was an easy fix :).

The next bug I squashed was around the ball-reflection logic I had to bounce Spaceballs off of the walls when they hit. Unfortunately, it didn't take into account whether the code had already flipped the velocity vector based on a prior collision with the wall (i.e. a collision from the frame before (meaning, it is _still_ stuck in the same wall since not enough time has passed to clear the wall)). This was causing Spaceballs to become "caught" in a wall or to pass right through it. This was also an easy fix. I basically added logic to not only check for the collision, but to also check whether the Spaceball was still headed in the "wrong" direction before correcting its velocity.

The last thing I implemented was more around missing code. When implementing the game loop originally, I had forgot to add the ability for a game to be "paused". This meant that if the form lost focus (like navigating away to a different window), that the game would still run in the background. Oops :). That was also an easy fix, so it behaves properly.

Fixing the game pausing functionality exposed another bug, though (don't you love when that happens?). My EnemyEmitter class that was spawning new enemies on a frequent basis was checking a DateTime field from the last time it spawned to DateTime.Now to verify whether it needed to spawn a new enemy. This meant that the second a new enemy was spawned, I could make the window lose focus, wait several seconds, give the window focus again and a new enemy was spawned right away. Bad Jason! I should know not to check against *real world* elapsed time. I changed the code to record how much time had elapsed *in game* since the last spawn (by adding up the elapsed time through each "Update" call to the Emitter) and Poof! Bug fixed :). Once again, easy fix.

That's about it for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow night I can implement the lives system (i.e. giving you three lives rather than the game being over the first time you get hit). I was really hoping to do that tonight, but I guess it just wasn't in the cards :). Once I do that (which will include some refactoring to add "spawning" of ships themselves and fixing an annoying spawning issue I currently have), I will truly move on to implementing some of the various other Spaceballs I have in mind. Then the true fun begins (not that it hasn't been fun up to this point :)).

Posted on Monday, June 5, 2006 6:32 PM Game Development | Back to top

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