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Well, it looks like Tattoo-Boy is back to his old tricks. With all the time he is spending on writing comics (don't quit your day job, buddy), it's obvious that he needs some help to get going in this project. In that vein, I have put together this project plan that he can use to help him "compete" in this contest (and by "compete", I mean write useless code while thinking that you stand any chance to beat the Almighty George of the Jungle):

Day 1: Buy book "Learn to Program VB in 21 Days"

Day 2-25: Read book (<-- Notice the extra days, that helps give some padding because of the slower mental processes due to the amount of absorbed tattoo ink over the years (I've been meaning to ask you Chris, can you get through a metal detector at the airport with out it going off?))

Day 26-28: Write Hello World application

Day 29: Try to figure out why Hello world application is not working

Day 30-37: Learn the intricacies of Console.WriteLine and design some ASCII art for game

Day 38: Have main character (aka "@" symbol) respond to keyboard events and move around the screen

Day 39-40: Create a dragon that has "AI" that doesn't respond to any input

Day 41: Get game compiling

Day 42: Submit partially functional game, with partially working code, with Trash Talking posts as blogging progress, and with pretty colors to make game "fun"

Day 43: Proclaim self winner

Day 44: Lose

Now, on the other hand, here is what George and I will be doing (or have already done):

Day 1: Open up IDE, immediately ensuring victory over Chris

Chris, if it makes you fell any better, I'm sure you could beat several monkeys if they entered the contest (okay, that might stretching it a bit, how 'bout dogs?).

Posted on Saturday, May 20, 2006 5:55 AM | Back to top

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# re: Some help for Chris
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LOL!!! Wow...I have nothing to add. Nicely done Jason, nicely done.
Left by George on May 19, 2006 7:59 PM

# re: Some help for Chris
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Not quite sure what airport metal detectors and tattoo ink have to do with each other, but hey... this is your little fantasy world, not mine.

As mentioned before, I'm not doing an RPG or a console app (ya know, I heard there was a serious meth problem in Portland... but its sad to see it affect someone you love) so while you continue to babble about ascii art and misbehaving dragons, I'll be kicking your lilly ass all over the battlefield with my tank-like game (that doesn't actually have tanks.)

As for the t-shirt, keep an eye on the mail.
Left by Blogus Maximus on May 20, 2006 2:06 AM

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