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I've gotten a good number of emails lately about the game development articles on GWB lately, so here is a rundown of the current status of them.
The current series on the GWB site is basically dead. HOWEVER, there are DEFINITE plans to finish the series under a different name and with a different perspective here on Managed World. All the posts about "BooM" have to do with progress of the game/engine that the articles will be written on.
I have decided to get the game/engine to a complete prototype stage first before writing the articles. Once that is finished, I will write ALL the articles and release them all together. This way, the end reader won't be frustrated by investing time into an unfinished game. The game by the end of the articles will technically be "done" but will be all programmer art but still fully functional. If you go to Managed World, you will notice that BooM is basically finished. The only thing I have left before starting seriously on all the articles are the game screens (the menu, game configuration, etc.). This shouldn't take too long as it will also be very programmer-art-centric.
Look for updates in the coming weeks.
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Yay! Don't give up!
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