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Disclaimer: I wish for these posts not to come off “whiney“ or with too much complaining. I love what work I do, and I love the field I am in. I am simply using this blog as a resource in which to “vent“ or express my opinions since it is *my* blog after all. So, this is really venting, nothing more, nothing less.....

Okay, my last post about the new scope of Longhorn tended to come off a little close-minded methinks. That was not the intention I was going for. Of the new Longhorn announcements, there *are* some announcements that really excite me. Avalon and Indigo will now be able to be implemented on Windows XP. That's good. That alone I think will speed up the adoption rate of developers with the new Longhorn technologies. My only concern is how much of Avalon as we know it today will be cut back in order to meet this goal. It is not my job to worry about this stuff though, so enough is enough, I'm just moving on.

With the implications that I see Longhorn making on the industry as a whole (as long as Longhorn isn't drastically cut back), I think we may see even more exciting times ahead of us than we did before. I can't tell you how excited I am about Avalon and Indigo coming to WinXP. That almost makes the impact of Longhorn more severe in the long run.

But, I wouldn't be telling you the entire truth if I didn't say that I was a little scared also. I presently have a fear that Longhorn will be cut back so much in order to hit the launch data, that Avalon will be nothing like we know it today. Why that scares me is because Avalon as we know it today is SO COOL. After developing with Avalon in my spare time, I can hardely bring myself to go back to the old way of development. I can only hope that the core of Avalon (especially XAML :)) will stay intact. If it does stay intact, WOW! STAND BACK, THERE'S A HURRICANE A-COMIN' THROUGH! It almost boggles the mind.

Regardless of how I feel about Microsoft's approach to OS half-lives, I feel extremely lucky that I've been able to be part of the people that have seen Longhorn grow. Not only that, I feel priviledged that I have been able to spend the time developing for Longhorn. There are exciting times ahead, and I do have faith with the new direction that Microsoft is going. However, I still feel a little bummed deep down inside that Microsoft's way isn't Jason's way ;). Go figure...

Posted on Friday, August 27, 2004 5:26 PM | Back to top

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