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Now that editing a post is possible with Third-Party blogging tools, I thought I would write my views on editing a post.  If you don't use and aggregator, then you probably aren't aware of what happens when you update a post.  The majority of aggregators will add that item as a new post and if you don't highlight the updated portion, it may irritate readers.  I know it irritates me. 

If you must edit, do it as quick as possible from the time you publish.  If you think you will update a post when writing, do you research before you publish or post as a draft and finish your updates.  This will allow you to make your thought as accurate as possible and you won't require readers to review the original post and the updated one in their aggregator to see what has changed.

If the post is older and you need to update, mark the post with and [Updated] section at the bottom of the post so readers can see what has changed.  This is typically in RED and the content added is as well.

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