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I have heard this question a lot since announcing the contest so I thought I would clear up the reasons. Here is a list of reasons why we are picking Express:

  1. We are working with Microsoft to promote Express (Big one)
  2. The contest is about the game, but also blogging your experiences with .NET 2.0 and Express (Bigger One)
  3. Everyone who wants to see the code and compile the game entries can download Express for Free!!!! (Biggest One)
  • Express run side-by-side with other versions of Visual Studio 2005 (Standard, Professional, and Team Suite)? Yes!!!!
  • Express have a similar experience to VS 2005? Definitely, it is actually amazing how comfortable you will feel.
  • Express have intellisense? Of Course!
I hope we cleared up the water on this, and if you register your Express download for playing or building these games, you will be entered into another contest with Microsoft that has some cool prizes as well.

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2006 4:23 PM | Back to top

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