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I listen to the Fly With Me podcast with Joe.

He managed to get his hands on some of the cockpit-tower discussion when the pilot got warnings from his nosewheel.

What strikes me, and Joe makes a point of, is the absolute professionalism of the pilot in this case. He made such a great effort to communicate clearly and concisely with the homebase and engineering teams on the ground, somewhat in contrast to operator on the ground he was talking with most. 

What is also interesting is that the engineering team on the ground, though remote diagnostics, where pretty convinced it was nothing more than a sensor fault. What we saw on the news of course shows you that this was not the case.

Very intesting to hear this.

 Fly With Me Episode 8.5 movie of the landing, and the destruction of the nosegear.



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I came across this podcast via GeeksWithBlogs; the pilot/air traffic controller conversation from the landing...
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