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So the guy from IBM who contacted me originally, also gave my name to a collegue, who is currently involved in streamlining the IBM Xseries resources, meaning, all the download and support stuff for the eServer Xseries family of products.

We spent about an hour last Thursday on the phone, going over various pages, and I had the opertunity to give my opinion on them, and I had some idea’’s of my own aswell. He will be getting back to me on the changed they are making. 

I have said it before, I am quite impressed that IBM is going that extra mile to improve their customers experience when using the site.

Today I was already seeing some major changes to the site since last I visited, about 2 weeks ago. So it looks like they are putting a lot of effort into this initiative and pushing forward rapidly.

The X336 driver download page for example, seems to be much improved, although its possible it was always like this, and I simply never found this particular view of the support site..  that is a whole other problem with the IBM site generally ;)

Also the general Download and Drivers page is not the same one I saw before, it even has a dedicated Xseries link.. probably a testament to how hard this particular team is pushing their presense on the IBM site. But then there is this portal page aswell.. hmm.

Also.. they still seem to be giving you the same data via seperate pages: Page1 Page2 Page3, its a little confusing, but at least their intra-linking between all the sites seems to have improved.

They still seriously need to fix the clustering homepage though…

And some personal favorites I would like to see:

* Better online overviews of how certain IBM technologies work, like out-of-band management technologies (IPMI, Alerting, etc), Clustering (I still cant find any paper that explains to me what that IBM cluster solution software is, even though I have found out myself now)

* RSS feeds for just about everything

* The xSeries blog or blogs, by members of the xSeries engineering, dev, and support teams

* Links to external support pages and other IBM related resources, such as blogs

* A far better download manager

* Forums!!!!

* A proper sorting out of that whole UpdateXpress and  UpdateXpress Live thing


All in all I am impressed at the progress! Well done xSeries web-team!

Posted on Monday, September 5, 2005 2:39 PM Tech , IBM | Back to top

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