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Wow - What a ride its been - the past few days have been more than exciting in more than many ways for me. Maybe I’ll just stick to the Vista launch today – It’s not yet time to blog about others. The $6 billion block buster, most widely used piece of software ever made by man finally made it into the hands of the consumer on Jan 30th! Here are a few glimpses from around the world when it was time...

Japan -


Paris -

India –


Hollywood Tries out Windows Vista

Launch Event Photos

Times Square Launch with Bill gates and Steve Ballmer Webcast

Bill Gates on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart  (ABSOLUTELY Hilarious!!)

HP Launches Windows Vista Touch-Screen PCs

…and this is just the beginning of the Wow – Windows Vista is an operating system, a platform and not just another cool application. It enables developers to create applications that were never thought possible before to get a feel of what Vista Apps will look like check out the Windows Vista Innovation café. One of my favorites’ is the new British Library's  “Turn the Pages” application that allows you to almost really hold some of the finest books ever written – though this app does use XBAP (XAML Browser Application) it does work on a Win XP / 2003 system – but you’ve got to see it on a Vista machine to believe it – it just ROCKS!


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