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I got a Lego Mindstorms NXT kit last week – I was buried with work during the weekdays to give it a spin. It had to wait till last night for me to actually play around with it. Boy is it amazing! I managed to complete what’s called a “Tripod” robot – I nicknamed it BOne – short for Bot One – since it’s the first ever Robot that I created. Here are some pictures of Bone (excuse my messy desk – no it doesn’t always look so bad :) ).


Here are some Videos of BOne in action –

In the below video BOne is programmed so that it could tell the difference between colors – It detects the Ball colors correctly when I hold it out to him in the below video (with a slight bug for the Blue one).

Video: BONE detects Color!

We programmed the Ultrasound sensors to detect objects so that BOne can steer away from them (thats Amit in the video - blocking BOne's path with his hands). Also we have programmed the Sound sensor to tell BOne to start moving around when I clap in the below video.

Video: BONE detects Sound and Obstacles

In both the above videos I used the software that came along with the NXT to program it. I haven’t yet explored integrating it with Microsoft Robotics Studio or NXT#. Itching to see how it works especially with Microsoft Robotics Studio, however, MSRS can communicate with the Lego NXT only via Bluetooth and the Bluetooth radio on my Toshiba M5 Notebook isn’t compatible with the NXT :( – will have to go out and get a Bluetooth dongle sometime soon.

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# re: Enter BOne – My first Lego NXT Bot
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Congrats and Awesome work dude!!!

But i'm jealous :(
Left by Sukesh on Jan 28, 2007 11:20 PM

# re: Enter BOne – My first Lego NXT Bot
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Nice stuff Jeelz!! Videos could've been more lengthy - probably two more weekends and we will see more of the BOne here !
Left by Anand on Jan 29, 2007 11:35 PM

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