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The cat is out of the bag - Bill Gates announced Windows Home Server at CES an hour or so ago.  

Charlie Kindel blogged about it here -

Check out this hilarious site

Charlie is the General Manager for Q (internal code name for Windows Home Server). I remember the first email that he had sent more than 2 years ago to an internal discussion group talking hush hush about Q. It’s such an exciting product and a very hard secret to keep, I agree with Charlie – except for a leak on Engadget a couple of days ago, we kept this a secret. Though we (affectionately known as QDogs) dog-food-ed this at home for years now, we tried our best to kept it a secret from our families, some of us even shared jokes on con-calls and DLs about how to explain to our families what that computer sitting in the corner of the house does.

All I can say is that the dream of “A computer in every home” goes to a whole new level to “Computers and A Server in every home”

I’ve got a design review coming up (work darn!) – hope to blog more about Q (oops Window Home Server) soon…

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