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I've been a crazy dazy Windows Mobile SmartPhone fan since 2001 when the first OS betas came out - after switching over to a few devices I finally gave it up to try out an IMate K-Jam (a.k.a QTek 9100) which runs a Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone edition OS. The messaging capability of the device which includes Mirosoft DirectPush is simply awesome, not that my SmartPhone didn't have DirectPush, however DirectPush coupled with the full QWERTY keyboard of the K-Jam only makes it a whole lot better. A much larger screen than my WM SmartPhone and the Landscape orientation makes it easier for me to read my emails - I don’t use text (SMS) much but I’m sure it will be a breeze owing one to the keyboard.

However, I must say the phone experience on the PPC device can be a WHOLE lot better - especially for a new Windows Mobile SmartPhone migrant. Microsoft is right when they say the Windows Moblie Pocket PC Phone edition is a PDA first and a phone next whereas a Windows Moblie SmartPhone is a Phone first and a PDA next.

So if you are someone who
 ... drives around a lot and wants to use a phone with one hand (I agree bad example - no using cell phones while driving!)
 ... makes/receives more phone calls than email/text messages
 ... uses the Internet on the go only occasionally
 ... wants a not too bulky cell phone to snuggly fit into your pocket
 ... not someone who thinks the bigger your cell phone is bigger your "geek" ego :)

Then a Windows Mobile SmartPhone is for you!

The contacts and call history in particular are sooo much better on the SmartPhone (I'm running the same builds of different editions on both my SmartPhone and K-Jam to do the comparison). But the larger screen of the K-Jam also gives me more screen real estate to design my applications. I'm in the process of migrating most of the utility apps that I write for my day to day life to the K-Jam - accept for me making changes to the UI to take advantage of a larger screen the code seems to just work.

Nonetheless, I'm still not giving away my SmartPhone :) I'm doing a kind of a usability study still on the K-Jam, if I think a SmartPhone is what I need I might just switch back.

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this is some really good info, thanks
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