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A colleague of mine pointed me out to the Need for Speed Most Wanted demo that’s available for download, quite a hefty download of 544 MB is well worth it! I spent the whole of Saturday and today morning playing the demo. IT’S FABULOUS!

The demo lets you play

- 3 Challenge Series
- 3 Quick Races
- 4 Cars (to choose + you get to play other cars (pre-selected) in the Challenge Series
- Play Online with other gamers!!

The first thing you'd probably notice is the Sound and Music - its too much for me to describe in words - its just like those block buster movie 5 min finale chases except that in this chase - you are driving and you make the chase last as long as you want! The weather effects in the game are great too!

The AI of the cops atleast in this demo is pretty dumb - they are not an intelligent bunch - but their strength lies in their numbers - you can count them by the dozens, those preview videos which we have seen - with loads of cops behind a car - are absolutely true - you can have tons and tons of cops behind you all the time all waiting to surround and bust you if you hit a corner. Reminds me of the “Agents“ in Matrix Reloaded - there's that plenty of them.

Pretty neat game features include blowing up cops (you can actually see them blow up and rip their car doors off) - I'm pretty crazy about the Roadblock challenge series. The challenge is to break through atleast 6 road blocks that the cops setup to bust you and then you need to head out to a Hiding place after the cops have lost visual contact with you. The music and graphics are waaaaay tooooo muuuuuuch to describe in words!! EA has done a fabulous job - hats off to the NFS team! I'm defn. gonna buy this game when it comes out on the 17th of this month.

Here are a few tips and tricks I found while playing -

- When you have a Cop driving head on trying to pull you off the road (esp. the SUVs are tough and heavy they can knock you off) try to go off road - cops generally don’t drive off road
- When you are breaking through a road block its fairly easy when you are at high speed, but if you are not then use the SpeadBreaker feature to slow down time, and look for gaps within the block and hit the widest. This is also esp. useful when there is a road block with multiple cars (stacked one behind the other)
- Another cool way to break through a road block is to let the cop chasing you speed ahead of you and you follow right behind him, once he goes and breaks the block away you can speed past behind him (or maybe bump him in the behind, earning points as a thank you as you go).
- A real cool way to crack cops is to have them follow you and go really close to traffic coming headon and break right (or left) at the final second - the cop generally hits headon.
- And ofcourse my fav. slip under those huge trucks - cops can't do that!

Nonetheless, this is the best ever NFS game I’ve ever played - just cant wait for Nov. 17th - This game is gonna look FAB on the XBox 360!!

I'm reminded of a quote from the movie Minority Report “Everybody Runs...” the demo and Have Fun! It Rocks!

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# re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is Out NOW!
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ilove need for speed
Left by kierenoneill on Nov 17, 2005 3:08 PM

# re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is Out NOW!
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i find it also the best NFS ever
but i don't like that there are not so much tuning options
like in NFSU 2
Left by V W on Nov 26, 2005 6:37 PM

# re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is Out NOW!
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I downloaded and I am playing it but.... it will expire quite soon..... does anyone has some trick to avoid the expiration and to unlock all the demo game?

thanks in advance
Left by and so.......? on Jan 01, 2006 6:01 PM

# re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is Out NOW!
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where can i down load it in under 5 min
Left by anthony on Feb 16, 2006 4:17 AM

# re: Need for Speed Most Wanted Demo is Out NOW!
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a great!!! game.i like ramming the police there any way to us emore cars in the demo.
Left by sumeet on Sep 22, 2007 3:00 AM

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