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Its been a very hectic month - been traveling for the last two weekends, finally a weekend back home. But it sure has been a very exciting month so far. Met quite a few of the product team folks back in Seattle. Anders Hejlsberg spoke to us about language features in C# 3.0 (absolutely astounding!), Mike Fitzmaurice - from the Office 12 team among many others. Ofcourse to top it all saw Bill Gates for the first time in Flesh and Blood (I have no clue what he spoke - my brain was only processing visuals ;-) afterall its not everyday that light that gets reflected off him falls on my eyes) with some more MS execs - Brian Valentine, Jim Allchin, Rick Devenuti, Steven Sniofsky, Paul Flessner, Bob Muglia and our very own MS Services CTO Norm Judah.


Microsoft is 30 years old this year, Windows is 20 - but looking at the awesome tech fiesta we saw in TechReady (our internal tech conference) believe me, for us dev folks ... (as Bill Gates would say) “…we are just getting started!” We have an awesome decade ahead of us.... we are lucky to be in this industry at this time.


I managed to get Windows Mobile 5.0 on my SmartPhone (the Windows Mobile product folks who I met were kind enough to even get me a Beta of the Messaging & Security Feature Pack on the device) - will be playing around with it for some time and looking forward to blog about it.

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huh? can you provide more info plz?
Left by Mohammed Jeelani on Oct 03, 2005 9:01 PM

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Can I get the Beta of the Messaging & Security Feature Pack for testing as well?
Left by Iris on Nov 25, 2005 1:54 AM

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