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I'm still to recover from the after effects of “actually” meeting the biggest geek on earth last week.

Searching across the Internet - I found this old article - Maybe you've read this earlier - its an unbelievable Time magazine article on Bill Gates - very intimate and insightful into our CSAs personal life. Definitely worth dropping everything you are doing to read this :-)
Don't miss the section where it talks about how billg proposed to his now wife Melinda more really touchy article

One-On-One With Melinda Gates

A few quotes from the above articles

"Did you know Bill and Melinda Gates have given away more money than anyone in world history?"

"After a number of years dating, we decided we were good partners," she said. "And on a very special trip to California, he proposed to me."

"By 10th grade he was teaching computers and writing a program that handled class scheduling, which had a secret function that placed him in classes with the right girls."

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